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Crazy Rich Sad Stories

As they’ll never let us forget for one moment, Colton’s season has been centered around “firsts”. As such, last week was the first time I didn’t write a recap for an episode since I started this website 500 seasons ago. (3 seasons ago omg)

The reason? I was working and busy and didn’t feel like it. Also- this season isn’t inspiring me. So, this may be my last recap for a while. It’s not Colton, it’s me…. not finding Colton or the women cast to date Colton interesting enough to write about. Now before you start the #butyouwroteaboutArie hashtag trending… yes, it could also just be a general malaise- I’ve been writing these for a while and the themes tend to be similar and maybe I’ve said everything I want to say. I don’t know yet for sure. And while I know my 5s of readers, aka you, kind person reading this now, may be disappointed- just try to find within yourself the strength and borderline delusional resolve of Demi to get you through.

I will continue to watch and enjoy (and grimace), and I hope you will too.


Gossip Girl

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